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Accident Insurance via Text Service

( Ranked:1 out of 16 in current view )
Allows postpaid and prepaid SMART subscribers to have access accident insurance worth P10,000 for 15 days from P10.00 loaded on their phone.

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HapiPinoy Text Insure – HTI

( Ranked:2 out of 16 in current view )
The service allows Smart subscribers to apply for insurance packages straight from their mobile phone via texting.

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( Ranked:3 out of 16 in current view )
One stop shop to financial freedom. Investing Made Easier.

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( Ranked:4 out of 16 in current view )
eCompareMo.com is the country’s leading and complete comparison portal intended for Filipinos looking for quick, secure, and complete banking and insurance information in the Philippines. Customers are provided with detailed information about their preferred credit cards (credit limit, promos & discounts, annual fee, and more) and insurances (coverage and premium) to help them find the perfect product that suits their lifestyle.

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MyAxa Cafè

( Ranked:5 out of 16 in current view )
Online insight community providing real-time feedback from AXA Philippines' customers. Insights used to inform and speed up product development.

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( Ranked:6 out of 16 in current view )
ECPay offers simple and flexible ways of expanding your in-store offerings through its wide variety of services. Accreditation is easy

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See more about Payo on Crunchbase( Ranked:7 out of 16 in current view )
Payo is a Payment Gateway that manages and simplifies cash on delivery (COD) transaction for E-commerce platforms.

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See more about JazzyPay on Crunchbase( Ranked:8 out of 16 in current view )
Jazzypay is a cross-platform invoicing solution that enables businesses to bill their customers.

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( Ranked:9 out of 16 in current view )
SCI (Satoshi Citadel Industries) is a fintech startup company building the ecosystem for Bitcoin in the Philippines. We seek to streamline financial services by creating Bitcoin solutions that reduce the costs of using and transferring money. Our aim is to realize the full potential of Bitcoin technology by changing the way people think about money and value, ultimately empowering the individual Filipino and engineering the future of finance in the country.

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( Ranked:10 out of 16 in current view )
Shop and pay in fixed monthly installments, anytime, anywhere—no credit cards & down payments needed!

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( Ranked:11 out of 16 in current view )
Ayannah is a leading provider of digital financial services to the world's emerging middle class, most of whom are migrants or unbanked coming from the base of the pyramid.

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( Ranked:12 out of 16 in current view )
Founded in the United States in 2013, Qwikwire is in the business of providing comprehensive solutions for enterprises to help them globalize their business. From SaaS property management solutions, SAP-integrated billing and invoicing systems, cross-border settlements via licensed remittance channels, to property listing via our blockchain powered multi-listing engine. QWIKWIRE provides full customer support for all our enterprise clients. This includes providing new updated technology to all customers as per their needs and requests, customer service for all payers and full stack integration with proprietary management systems.

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( Ranked:13 out of 16 in current view )
Lenddo has developed its patented technology based on 4 years of actual online lending experience that included collection, analysis and processing of billions of data points. The Lenddo Data Science team includes PhDs and uses advanced machine learning techniques to build predictive algorithms. In January 2015, Lenddo opened its technologies for third parties, such as banks, lending institutions, utilities companies and credit card worldwide to reduce risk, increase portfolio size, improve customer service and verify applicants.

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( Ranked:14 out of 16 in current view )
Vesl is a financial technology company that is innovating the way insurance is accessed by businesses and lenders. We are the first platform in Asia that has facilitated a “per invoice” trade credit insurance, and has directly matched insured invoices to lenders.

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See more about AMAGI on Crunchbase( Ranked:15 out of 16 in current view )
AMAGI builds software and communities that connect humans with the best parts of data and technology.

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Tagcash Ltd

( Ranked:16 out of 16 in current view )
Payments & Rewards - Multi-currency wallets (Fiat, crypto and Closed Loop), with services modules to spend and earn tagcoin Cryptocurrency Rewards

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