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See more about NiceHash on Crunchbase( Ranked:1 out of 7 in current view )
NiceHash is a crypto-mining marketplace where you can mine altcoins and get paid in bitcoins.

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( Ranked:2 out of 7 in current view )
Iconomi is a blockchain company that has a platform for managing those assets

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( Ranked:3 out of 7 in current view )
Eligma creates payment infrastructure for accepting crypto payments for both online and retail stores. As well, they offer a platform that allows users to buy and sell crypto, pay and transfer crypto, and use crypto as a reward system.

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Space invoices

See more about Space invoices on Crunchbase( Ranked:4 out of 7 in current view )
Space invoices is an invoicing API for developers and software companies.

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Hive Project

See more about Hive Project on Crunchbase( Ranked:5 out of 7 in current view )
Hive Project is a blockchain-based platform that provides SMEs with fast and low-cost liquidity.

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( Ranked:6 out of 7 in current view )
MoneyRebel is a new product in the financial market industry that helps you save time and earn more. It is a simple to use, yet modern tool for financial advisors.

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See more about GewdGame on Crunchbase( Ranked:7 out of 7 in current view )
An esports talent marketplace and matching service for competitive gamers with pro ambitions.

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