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( Ranked:1 out of 14 in current view )
First free-return shipping insurance product in China. Online sales of insurance.

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( Ranked:2 out of 14 in current view )
A reward points based free health insurance service every time customers make offline payments with their Alipay.

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Alibaba Cloud

( Ranked:3 out of 14 in current view )

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51 Credit Card Manager

( Ranked:4 out of 14 in current view )
51 credit card, China's leading financial technology innovation company, launched an APP that can manage credit card bills with one button, “51 Credit Card Manager”, which greatly satisfied the needs of users, especially multi-card users, to manage their own liabilities.

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See more about BestSign on Crunchbase( Ranked:5 out of 14 in current view )
BestSign provides professional electronic contract lifecycle services intended to improve blockchain applications.

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See more about Aitrade on Crunchbase( Ranked:6 out of 14 in current view )
Aitrade is a Fintech Company.

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Ant Group

( Ranked:7 out of 14 in current view )

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( Ranked:8 out of 14 in current view )
PingPong is a payment service provider that helps global eCommerce sellers keep more money by lowering rates on cross-border payments.

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See more about 91duobaoyu.com on Crunchbase( Ranked:9 out of 14 in current view )
91duobaoyu.com is an online insurance service platform.

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( Ranked:10 out of 14 in current view )
Wacai specialises in bookkeeping services, in particular for clients who tend to be omitted from mainstream financial services. Its bookkeeping and financial management apps are highly popular with individual users and Wacai has successfully positioned itself as a distinct online asset management platform that serves the wider community. In 2016, the company established an online asset management postdoctoral centre as it seeks to position itself as an industry think tank.

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See more about Pinpianyi on Crunchbase( Ranked:11 out of 14 in current view )
A Hangzhou-based start-up developing smart procurement platform.

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See more about Remitsy on Crunchbase( Ranked:12 out of 14 in current view )
Remitsy is an international business payments on caffeine

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See more about MaiTianQiChe.com on Crunchbase( Ranked:13 out of 14 in current view )
MaiTianQiChe.com is a Fintech company.

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OneKey Ventures

( Ranked:14 out of 14 in current view )
OneKey Ventures is a platform that connects projects and investors across the globe, eliminating information asymmetries and driving global economic development.

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